All You Need Is LOVE

All You Need Is LOVE may sound like a questionable title for an art exhibition (the Japanese title of the show is simply “LOVE展”), but Mori Art Museum is a part of larger-than-life Roppongi Hills complex, which 10th Anniversary the museum co-celebrates, and the necessity to appeal to anyone who can sing along the BBC commissioned song is understandable.

10 years for a museum is both a little and a lot, during this time contemporary art has reached its all time high and just like the global economy it mirrors has been on a rollercoaster ride since. With hardly any government support the museum business is particularly hard in Japan, where only big, well-advertised names can ensure broad public interest and where art is yet to reach the level of mass appeal it enjoys in most of the Western world. In this sense the exhibition certainly delivers, the list of artists featured in the show reads like an art encyclopedia, Chagall, Magritte, Dali, Hirst, Koons are guaranteed to draw a large crowd. For those whose art appetite is no longer fulfilled with the “standards,” works by Nobuyoshi Araki, Chang En-Tzu, Nan Goldin and a video of Makoto Aida, whose excellent solo exhibition has just finished its run at the museum, victimized by his ex will nicely balance out hearts and pink pinpointing the exhibition route. Through September 1st.

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