Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale 2012

Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale started in 2000 as an unorthodox attempt to breath a new life into the rapidly declining region. Constantly shaken by earthquakes and washed over by floods, the area stays covered with three meters thick snow blanket for nearly half a year. With approximately 1000 abandoned houses and 14 closed schools young people flee the region in search of a better life at increasing rate. To reverse this trend artists at Echigo-Tsumari are not only commissioned to produce artworks, but also encouraged to source local materials and engage locals in the creative process. This collaboration results in sometimes unexpected and surprising discoveries for both parties involved, nurturing a sense of experiment and endeavor in local residents. With an increasing number of participants the triennale grows bigger and more ambitious in scale drawing large crowds of tourists attracted by unique combination of art, wholesome rural life in and majestic mountain landscapes.

There are roughly 360 artworks on display this year including epic Christian Boltanski's “No Man’s Land”, Australia House and Echigo-Tsumari Archive along with numerous performances and special events taking place throughout the triennale. With more signature yellow triangle flags popping over participating residences Echigo-Tsumari, if anything, succeeded in giving people hope for a better future. July 29th—September 17th.

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