G-tokyo 2013

While the fashion-conscious were kept on a diet of sponsor supplied drinks in the short intervals between the runway shows during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, art lovers got their fix with a week worth of fairs, festivals and enough openings to fill the gaps in-between. Busy as it was there was one event not to be missed—G-tokyo 2013, a one-stop destination to check on the current state of the local contemporary art scene. Unlike Art Fair Tokyo, which covers a broad spectrum of apartment friendly art ranging from antiques to photography, G-tokyo is a museum level contemporary art fair for the devotees only.

New location, Tokyo Midtown, and several newcomers in addition to the core heavyweights, most notably Yumiko Chiba Associates and Misa Shin Gallery, made the fair all more exciting. SCAI THE BATHHOUSE pretty much stole the show with the eye-catching Kohei Nawa “Trans” series while Taka Ishii pushed a safety margin by exhibiting “difficult” video works by Luke Fowler.

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