Hara Museum ARC

Hara family's passion for art dates back to the current director of Hara Museum, Toshio Hara's great-grandfather, Rokuro Hara. A prominent figure in the industrialization of Japan Rokuro Hara was an avid art collector and amassed an impressive collection of traditional East Asian art, now housed in the latest addition to Hara Museum ARC, Kankai Pavilion.

The annex of Hara Museum, which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year, holds what could be one of the most comprehensive private collections of contemporary art in Japan, partially on view in “Someone Like You—Selections from the Hara Museum Collection.” The theme of the exhibition, a portrait, is covered from multiple angles by a diverse cast of artists including Francesca Woodman, Sato Tokihiro, Tomoko Yoneda, Tadanori Yokoo, Max Streicher and Miranda July.

Renowned Japanese architect, Arata Isozaki, consciously downplayed appearance of the museum. Opting for semi-open design with lots of natural light, Isozaki merged the building with the surrounding landscape effectively blurring the line between interior and exterior while providing artworks on both sides of the walls with a perfectly neutral backdrop.

Just two hours' drive from Tokyo, brisk mountain air, picturesque, particularly during Spring and Autumn, views, Hara Museum ARC is a refreshing, mind-clearing destination whether you prefer traditional, contemporary, or simply enjoy beautiful scenery.


“Someone Like You—Selections from the Hara Museum Collection” is on view through January 5th.

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