Hiroshi Sugimoto: Couleurs de l'ombre

For the third edition of Hermès Editeur, a collection of limited edition scarfs “Couleurs de l'ombre” (Colours of Shadow), Hermès teamed up with one of the most celebrated Japanese photographers, Hiroshi Sugimoto. Sugimoto, who's never shied away from experiments with different forms of expression, came up with something unexpected of him altogether—color.

Inspired  by Newton's and Goethe's experiments with light, notoriously color-shy photographer has been capturing spectrums projected by a tall prism in his studio on Polaroid for the last ten years. The result—20 hand-picked by Sugimoto himself and Artistic Director of Hermès Pierre-Alexis Dumas gradations—form the base of the collection, each limited to only 7 and numbered. Printed on silk specially woven for the project, each image required weeks of preparation due to the delicate nature of color shifts. Exclusively available through Hermès Editeur site, the scarfs are now on display at Maison Hermès Le Forum in Ginza. Through December 31st.

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