Jim Lambie: Sun Rise Sun Ra Sun Set

By applying a variety of techniques, underlined by an ever-present signature floor tracing, Jim Lambie transforms ordinary objects, along with spaces he exhibits at, into something else entirely. The artist composes his shows as if they were music, his other passion. With multiple cross-references and site specific works thrown into a mix, each exhibition is a standalone album rather than a collection of singles.

For his show at Rat Hole Gallery, Sun Rise Sun Ra Sun Set, the artist has created two new sculptural works not counting a floor piece. One, made of found bicycle tires “Black Gold of the Sun,” discreetly corresponds to “Sun Cycles,” an inverted bicycle cycles centerpiece resembling ten suns.

Clever without being elitist, joyful, yet not frivolous, Lambie's work is light, but hardly lightweight. Through June 21st.

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