JR: Could Art Change the World?

“Could Art Change the World?” asks JR in the title of his first museum solo exhibition at Watari-um. The answer of course largely depends on what you consider to be art. Just like posters, JR himself often refers to, his projects are the epitome of the Twitter generation art, instant, straightforward and easily retweeted. Rather than change the world how, it raises another question—where art is at at the moment? JR's popularity growing in geometric progression clearly demonstrates public demand for simplicity. A portrait. A portrait of someone like you. Your portrait. The eyes. On the wall, on the train, on the roof. So big you can see them from space. The eyes of someone like you. Your eyes. His work shows how effective can be narrowing the distance between an artist and a viewer, or even removing an artist from the process altogether. Marketing genius? A new art model or art on demand? It depends on what you consider to be art. Through June 2nd.

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