Katrin Koenning: Glow

Glow (a working title) focuses on things that have assumed a short-lived or unexpected state of glow, mostly things which, by nature, don’t glow. The work is without agenda or real narrative. Testing the limits of “real” and imagined, the work is a play with perception, impermanence and faculties of seeing.

I make this work everyday, while seeking out nothing extraordinary. It evolves from things in my proximity which I return to (ideas, a tree, a staircase, a person), like rubbish on my way to work, or thoughts about the universe. To me, the act of returning is essential because it’s about love, and perhaps because, as a migrant, I come from a story of movement, always on the periphery of multiple worlds. At the same time the return heightens my understanding of the fact that nothing lasts. The more I see it, the more it's almost gone. Glow is about time and the idea that it spindles around its own axis in endless succession. Looping, stuck in an infinite circle, concerned only with itself.

Katrin Koenning

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