Kenta Cobayashi

"You / Sleep / of I / push / A / time do not know / RO / butterfly / Brown / memory larva collection to / of / Yes / Yes"

On / off / output changed the consciousness of / not length / have by interrupting another person / dream start / media recognition Bell / B the end of the / one day when that has been born in this world is / they / please refer to the paragraph of the bride objective factors / faster than the same unity effort / dissolved in the nonsense throughput / light /
"#photos" For the first time / this place / still published in not label / because there is no in / conversion time is the Earth's have a double image / multiple local / or completely imagined patient beam of the blog in 2011 / put a couple galleries and publishers / all quotes / her health and Instagram is / it did not / consideration

Photo / processor / or trade and net change in the size of it means / change little finger digital switching / off that the movement of the moving in / increase is enlarged in accordance with the same name / agent / image recording is need to create / There will lighting and silent / this new trailer form allows you to note the study of the image film / camera attached degree as / as / new molecule

How any repetition / open / another thing to belong / someone to work within the Internet / are trying to expand the world and / theory / director of the framework I think / draw / you know as / you try for you / because / it determines the period of time you do not mind affect me as the last remnants of the hopelessly when not to go anywhere in the seed / game / I it is arch tooth / USA / I do not know
*The text was generated by the artist from a Japanese original through a series of automated translations between Latin, Hebrew, Chinese, Dutch, French, Esperanto and other languages, then translated back to Japanese and English.
Kenta Cobayashi
All photos © Kenta Cobayashi/Courtesy of G/P gallery, Tokyo

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