Love is Over

When Gadabout asked Chim↑Pom about settling down a while back, the question seemed so far-fetched that it was nearly dismissed as irrelevant. Fast forward to January 24th, 2014 and Ellie herself waves goodbye to the single life. Naturally, being best-known for smudging the line between life and art, Chim↑Pom wouldn't miss a chance to use this, otherwise private, occasion to make some sort of artistic statement.

As it often the case with the group, the statement, “Love is Over,” may have raised a few eyebrows. Marriage may be the end of love, but not for Ellie—she simply wanted to pass “beyond” love. And so we did. Literally. After a wild night in the heart of Kabukicho an army of hosts, artists, entertainers and other misfits, led by the newlywed, marched, escorted by Shinjuku police, to the iconic Robert Indiana's “LOVE” sculpture. Confusing premise aside, the event-rich night fueled by teenage vigor, the group has miraculously managed to preserve over the years, once again overwrote this shortcoming, only confirming—Chim↑Pom is best experienced live, in person.

The event was scrupulously documented by the guests, encouraged to do so, and selected photographers, most notably Kishin Shinoyama, who reserved the best spot. It can now be seen at hiromiyoshii as part of “The Electrical Parade Never Was a Satisfaction to Me” exhibition through March 15th and in upcoming Ellie's photo book of the same name.

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