Nobuyoshi Araki: Love on the Left Eye

The latest Nobuyoshi Araki's series, “Love on the Left Eye,” is an innate fusion of the photographer's trademark imagery, his reoccurring painting experiments and no-nonsense life-as-art attitude. A nod to Ed van der Elsken’s 1954 photobook “Love on the Left Bank,” which once inspired young Araki, the title of the series also represents the photographer's current vision, literally—for almost a year now Araki has been practically unable to see with his right eye due to a retinal artery obstruction.

Any lesser artist may have just as well have stepped down under such adverse circumstances, but not Araki—true to himself, he went on shooting as usual, manually masking right side of slides with a black magic marker before printing them. Gripping, beautiful and authentic—“Love on the Left Eye” is one of the strongest and most personal Araki's works to date.

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