Red Bull Music Academy Tokyo 2014

With all its seemingly infinite choices, Tokyo drags behind other major capitals when it comes to musical diversity. Long physical distance aside, Japanese music industry is dominated by profit-driven agencies akin to post-war Hollywood studio system, leaving very little room for creative growth. This and soon to be history barbarian law, which places musical venues in the same category as brothels, discourages promoters from betting on fresh, innovative musicians, opting instead for dinosaurs of days long gone, or easy on the ears, karaoke-friendly entertainers guaranteed to fill stadiums.

The Red Bull Music Academy could be easily dismissed as yet another big brand promo stunt, yet with a long-running record of showcasing the best talent in contemporary music today, the level of insight and ongoing commitment one may think there is an easier way to cash in. The 16th, Red Bull Music Academy Tokyo 2014, edition has got your audiovisual senses covered with 59 selected artists representing a wide spectrum of genres ranging from underground hip-hop and experimental electronica to noise and post-classical. It offers a rare opportunity not only to exercise your ears and stretch your legs, but, most importantly, see where music really is at the moment. Through November 14th.

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