Ryan McGinley: Reach Out, I'm Right Here

The opening reception for Ryan McGinley may be the closest you can get to the semi-religious experience within the gallery walls. Only watching him warmly greeting everyone who came to the show you understand what lights his cinematic works up and makes people drop their clothes in front of his camera while going wild in the open. There is this air about him, inborn magnetism, that turns a short conversation with the photographer into a small personal experience complemented with a handshake, a hug and a picture to remember it by. Everything from his dirty pink secondhand three-piece, down to the beaten-up vintage Converse, is extremely inviting in a genuine, low key way. Seemingly detached from the buzz around him he zooms in on every person he happened to be talking to at the moment connecting everyone through himself. Even notoriously shy Japanese were forced out of their shells with his charm. Reach Out, I'm Right Here—the artist is present. Through September 29th.

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