Shunsuke Imai

I want to view the world measured in three lengths—one just out there, one that should not exist there, and one from here to there.

What I do is simply apply ordinary colors and shapes to a flat plane. Painted at once, on the same layer, they break it into color fields like in a coloring book. A clash of vivid colors tricks perception, elevating and stretching portions between elements it produces further spaces of varying depth, extending beyond flat.

Nothing is concealed. It's just a painting. Like a flag waving in the wind, it may have a volume when it moves, but it's just a piece of cloth with nothing behind it.

Tokyo, chaotic night streets are filled with dazzling neon signs, fast fashion stores are flooded with fluorescent colors. There is no meaning in all these bleeding vividness, combined, it feels like a huge void. My paintings are similar to that.


Shunsuke Imai

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