Sophie Calle: For the Last and First Time

“Everything has gone. But I can still clearly see a man getting out of a car with a gun in his left hand.” The second in fourteen years exhibition of the High Priestess of Conceptual Art, Sophie Calle, “For the Last and First Time” at Hara Museum of Contemporary Art, consists of two series, both exploring themes of perception and memory—The Last Image, 2010, a record of the last vision before losing eyesight and Voir la mer (See the sea), 2011, a video of people seeing the sea for the first time in their lives. Minimal and quietly dramatic, the exhibition moved even typically snobby Parisians to tears at the opening. Through June 30th.
All works © ADAGP, Paris 2013 Courtesy Galerie Perrotin, Hong Kong & Paris—Gallery Koyanagi, Tokyo.

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